You might not be a photography buff, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t like taking some nice pictures every now and again. However, many digital cameras are simply too expensive for the basic user. That’s why we are here today, to help you find the best cheap digital camera under $50.

These cameras are best suited for teens and kids as they have basic features which kids can explore with and take great quality pictures. Cameras in this price range are normally point and shoot and can easily fit in your pocket and are considered lightweight. We’ve got some great options for you to take a look at.


CamKing Mini Digital Camera


Definitely a great little entry level digital camera to go with, the CamKing Mini Digital Camera might be small and inexpensive, but it has some great features nonetheless. It can provide you with pictures that have an 18 megapixel resolution. At the same time, this little guy can also take videos with a resolution of 1280 x 720p, which is not bad at all.

It’s a really small camera that can easily fit in your pocket, so it’s definitely portable. The CamKing Mini Digital Camera comes with a built-in flash feature for those times when there’s not enough ambient light for a good shot. The HD 2.7-inch TFT LCD makes it easy to use, store pictures, and edit them too.

It has a few other neat features such as the anti-shake function, the continuous shot feature for lots of quick pictures, and a cool face detection feature. The CamKing Mini Digital Camera might not be the fanciest around, but it works; it has a few useful features, and it won’t ruin your budget either.

GordVE KG002 Mini Digital Camera


This camera is a fantastic option for those who want something highly portable. It includes a 2.7-inch LCD screen that can help you with getting the perfect shot. It’s got a great look and is easy to take anywhere you may need it.

You’ll also get the benefit of Pho Tags Express Software, which offers you a great way to manage the pictures you take. It not only offers the ability to enhance your images but also with e-mailing pictures as needed and printing them when you want a physical copy. Getting great images will be convenient and easy using this software, allowing you to get exactly the look you’re going for.

Some other fantastic features you’ll get with this camera include face detection to help you take perfectly centered pictures and smile capture to zero in on the most important aspect of the pictures. The anti-shake feature will also help with keeping your pictures perfect regardless even if your hands shake a little while you’re taking pictures. It’s not always easy to stay steady at every angle.

GordVE GVE001

This tiny camera offers you a great way to get pictures with a highly travel-friendly device. It uses fantastic features like smile capture, face detection, anti-shake and self-timer to help you with getting fantastic pictures easily. You’ll also get a fantastic 18-megapixels so that every picture is clear and detailed. Using the 2.7-inch screen, you’ll be able to center your images and see what you’re capturing easily for the best possible results.

Not only will you be able to take great photos, but you’ll have the option to enhance and manage them using the Pho Tags Express feature. Then you can e-mail them to yourself or friends to share. Furthermore, it comes at a great price for those who are new to purchasing digital cameras.

It offers you the ability to get something effective without having to spend hundreds on a new camera. Using the 8x digital zoom, you’ll also be able to easily record video or take pictures from far away. If you plan on taking a lot of pictures, it is also able to hold a 32GB microSD card that you can buy separately.


LLION HD Mini Digital Camera

In all fairness, these cheap $50 digital cameras have basically the same features, which is definitely the case here. This particular model also comes with the 2.7-inch TFT LCD display, which is not bad, but not great either; it is certainly better than not having a display at all.

Just like many of the other models we’ve looked at, the LLION HD Mini Digital Camera features an anti-shake feature, face detection, smile capture, and continuous shooting too, all with the aim of providing you with the best shots possible. The video quality here is HD 1280 x720p resolution and the pictures have an 18 MP resolution, which is not bad at all.

The LLION HD Mini Digital Camera does come with several shooting modes like scenery, beach, high sensitivity, and a few others too. It also features 8x zoom, which is fairly standard for this price range, and to combat the fairly low-quality lens it comes with, it does feature a built in flash for illumination. The LLION HD Mini Digital Camera can accommodate an SD memory card up to 32 GB for image storage.



Any of the above options are definite top contenders for the title of the best cheap digital camera under $50. Admittedly there is not too much of a difference between them, but each makes for great choices nonetheless. Cameras at this price point yield good photos and useful for making small prints. So if you are looking for a great gift for your kid, these are some of the best digital cameras below $50.


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