Do you enjoy travelling? Have you been able to travel the world? Do you travel once a year? These are all questions I want you to answer before we dive in on travelling and the best mirrorless camera you should buy for your travel.

The travel bug bit me when I was just entering my first year of high school. My history class had the opportunity to go to France to study historic lessons surrounding the Second World War. My parents were gracious enough to pay for me to go.

Before then, I had only been on a plane twice: once to visit my Dad’s brother living in Toronto, Canada; and the other to go to Orlando, Florida, to Disney World when I was six years old. It had been quite a long time since I travelled and didn’t know what to expect.

Before I left, my Mom gave me three disposable cameras and said to “capture” every moment. I rolled my eyes and thought it was something stupid (this was before every child had cell phones by the way). But I could not have been more wrong. I was astounded when I got to France.

It was a completely different way of life out there. There was different food, a different language, and a different view on the world, and I loved every second of it.

I studied the people and would people watch constantly seeing how they were different than my life back home. This European country was full of history, much more than my city, and I loved knowing that certain castles and buildings dated back thousands and thousands of years. I was hooked.

On top of that, my Mom was right to “capture” every moment because at the end of my third day, I went to the local store and bought five more disposable cameras because I had already run out of my pictures.

As soon as I got home, I got them all developed and showed my parents all the places I had been and all the people I had seen. It was then that I realized the power of photography to capture a moment and why I think everyone should buy a camera for when they are travelling.

You can forget so much when you leave a place, but with photos, you have the ability to look back and say to yourself, “Oh My Goodness, I remember that place!”

What is a Mirrorless Camera?

So as I just said, I think everyone who goes travelling needs to take a camera with them to capture each and every moment of their trip. It is really rewarding snapping a great shot of a scenic location. But after my years of experience and researching cameras I have found that, especially for travel, you should buy a mirrorless camera.

So what is a mirrorless camera? Well, a mirrorless camera is still a digital camera that has an interchangeable lens (for different shots that you want to take whether at night, in bright lighting etc.).

However, what makes a mirrorless camera different is it uses an image sensor to bring the image you’re seeing to the electronic viewfinder (also known as the EVF).

The reason we call this type of camera “mirrorless” is it does not have a movable mirror in the optical path, like many older cameras and many that are still on the market today. This allows mirrorless cameras to be made easier, more compact, simpler, and smaller, which is perfect for travel.

This is why I recommend buying a mirrorless camera for travel as it will take up less space but still provides you with great quality photos.

The Best One You Can Buy

There are so many mirrorless cameras that you can purchase. The best mirrorless camera for travel, in my opinion, is the Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera. It has fantastic specs, can take the highest quality of photo, is very easy to use for beginners, but most importantly, is concise and compact.

This is a camera that is perfect for travel and one that I have taken with me on all of my recent adventures. While it is on the pricier end (usually over $1000), I do believe it is worth it as it is strong and will last you quite sometime!

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