I caught the travel bug early on in my life. When I was three years old, my parents took me on a large plane for the first time and I had no idea what to expect. I guess at that age, you can’t really process planes or flying, so there is no fear involved.

I just remember being exciting and trying to figure out how we started our day in New York City and then a couple hours later I was in sunny Florida. It felt like we travelled through time and I had no idea how it all happened.

To say I was hooked was an understatement and as I walked off the plane I told my Mom, “I want to be a pilot, so I can travel every single day.”

Apparently, at three years old, I was pretty smart because becoming a pilot is eventually what I would end up doing with my life. It was all very exciting and my parents could not believe that the dream I had when I was younger was finally coming true.

My Mom was always really amazing when we were travelling of capturing moments with my sister and I. She has albums upon albums in the family home we grew up in, of all of our birthdays but of all our different trips.

In fact she has it all organized and a completely separate album for a different trip. So I can go on the wall, and want to look at our Disney Trip 2001, and select one album that features hundreds of photos from that one trip. It is something I always admired about my Mom.

She knew the power of photography and the power of capturing moments. She knew what it would mean to my sister and I to look back on these photos when we were older and reminisce about the past.

I think there is no greater way to keep your memories alive than to look back on old photos. It is something I care about deeply and it is why photography has always been my biggest hobby in life.

Even now, when I fly around the world, I make it a task of mine to take pictures of every different place I land and go out and take pictures of the scenery and the people I meet.

I may have a great camera always in my pocket, my smart phone, but I still use real cameras just to have the added sense of photography and because the quality of the photos turn out more high def.

The Reasoning of Having a Smaller Camera

So if you have been bit by the travel bug and are looking for a camera to bring with you, I won’t lie, the options you have are pretty endless. There are hundreds and hundreds of cameras available for you to buy today.

What I am going to challenge you to do is to NOT buy a big and bulky camera if you want a travel camera. This is a huge note that you may overlook before you travel. Security has gotten more serious, and it does every year, at airports across the world.

Having a huge camera bag alone with cause you a lot of strife in an airport, and will delay you even longer in getting to your destination. Also travel cameras that are small are easier to manoeuvre, you can literally take anywhere (on a boat, on a mountainous hike), and you don’t have to worry about the quality suffering of your photos.

A smaller camera does not equal a smaller quality of photo, and in fact it can be the opposite if you get the best one.

The Best Small Travel Camera

After doing a lot of research in the past year I have found one small travel camera that I believe to be the best one on the market today. My favourite one is the Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Cameraas it is very small and also extremely high definition.

It is great for beginners who are new to photography, but also has a variety of more in depth features for the more advanced photographer. It is on the more expensive side of cameras on the market today, but I think it is worth every penny, and it is the best small travel camera.

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