With more and more awareness about how important being fit is today, an activity that is enjoyed by several has got to be adventure sports. Majority of us adventure-obsessed folks are millennials and, if there is one thing we all love, that is capturing pictures and posting them on our social media accounts. However, you cannot always be carrying a regular camera or a DSLR around with you. So, what’s the best solution?

The answer is quite simple—an action camera. The question is, what is an action camera? Also known as an action cam, this is a digital camera that is created and designed specifically for adventure sports and outdoor activities. It is a tiny and extremely lightweight device and, with the appropriate accessories, can latch on to whatever you want. Best of all, all of these action cameras work underwater!

Action cameras have a wide lens and are capable of taking pictures and recording videos. Most of these cameras pair with your mobile device and enable you to use your mobile screen as a remote. These cameras are also used on top of drones to get an aerial shot. All of the media taken are saved on to a Micro SD card.

We are certain that you must be sold on the idea of owning an action camera. It goes without saying that the first brand that will come to your head would be the GoPro but you know how expensive that is. So, which is an awesome action camera that wouldn’t leave a hole in your pocket? We’ve got the answer—the Campark ACT74 Action Camera. Let’s review it in detail.





  • Recording Capabilities: You can be sure that you will get some good photo and video quality from the Campark Action Camera. This action camera features a Sony sensor along with 4K video recording capabilities. It can record any videos at 30 FPS, and the pictures it captures is at a high resolution of 16 megapixels. This high-quality photo and video recording capability will ensure your media is fantastically sharp and clear.
  • Screen and Lens: The Campark action camera features a two-inch full HD screen. This will allow for a quick view of your photos and videos when you have not paired the camera with your mobile phone. This action camera also has a 170-degree wide angle lens that ensures you capture a maximum of the subject and background in your photos and videos.
  • Memory: Having 4K video recording capabilities and 16 megapixels photo resolution would mean that all the media will need a ton of space. Hence, this action camera can support a Micro SD card with a memory of up to 32 GB.
  • WiFi Remote Control: Just like GoPro, the Campark Action Camera connects and pairs with your iOS and Android mobile phones. You can use your phone to control your camera in real time. You will also be able to view your photos and videos on your phone itself and can also instantly send the media via email and even share it directly to your social media profiles.
  • Waterproof: No camera can be called an action camera without it being waterproof. The Campark Action Camera is waterproof up to 30 meters. This makes it ideal to use for water sports, swimming and even surfing.
  • Battery: The Campark Action Camera comes with a dual lithium battery which is rechargeable. It will last you for about 180 minutes and does not take too long to charge either.
  • Portable Case and Accessories: The action camera will come along with a portable, waterproof case that will help you store and carry around this camera with absolute ease. Along with the case, you also get accessories namely a handlebar mount, helmet base, back cover, USB cable, fixed base, wiper, wire rope, adapter, and user manual. You also get two each of batteries, base mounts, 3M stickers, and clips as well as three switch connections, four bandages, and four ribbons.


  • Available in two colors: black and blue
  • It can produce quality videos and photos with well-defined backgrounds.
  • Clear and quick viewing of captured images and recorded videos
  • Photos and videos can be transferred easily to your mobile phones and computers as well as uploaded to your email and social media accounts
  • It has Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Comes with a number of accessories which are also compatible with the GoPro and other brands and models of action cameras
  • This camera is a great companion during water activities.
  • The battery can be recharged quickly and easily.


  • Does not have a lot of
  • options on its control menu
  • Audio in the video recording can tend to be out of sync at times
  • There are glitches in terms of plugging in the camera to your computer or smartphones. The user prompt may or may not show because your computer is not recognizing it.
  • Some of the videos can look grainy which is brought about by too much file compression.
  • It is not ideal to be used in fast-paced sports as it cannot keep up with too much speed.
  • You have to use an external microphone to have good and clear audio. If you just rely on this, most of the time, the sounds are muffled and scattered.
  • The life of the battery might not be enough for individuals who want to use it all day.
  • The whole system resets when you replace the battery, which can prove to be a hassle if you regularly have to put in your desired settings.
  • In terms of the design of the battery compartment cover, it will not stay shut after a long time of using it.
  • The memory card reader is also picky with different memory cards.

Summary of what the Product Can Offer

With the product’s features, pros, and cons in mind, let us now give you a clearer understanding of what the product is really ready to offer its users. As such, this will help you decide better if it will work for your specific needs and lifestyle.

  • Functionality

The Campark Action Camera has a ton of features that you cannot resist. It is capable of recording videos in 4K quality with a well-defined background. Although you will have grainy videos at times, you just have to be diligent in freeing up your camera’s memory to prevent too much file pileup that is the pointed leading cause of such quality. You must also take note of the fact that this camera cannot keep up with too much wind. Meaning, the camera gets too blurred when you take videos in a hi-speed car or when you are sledding on a slope of snow.

This product does take good pictures at 30 FPS and 16-Megapixel resolution. You can even take it during your water adventures as it is waterproof at adequate water depth. Likewise, the definition of both the subject and background are clear enough which is essential for you to have a great keepsake of your travels.

However, you just have to take note of its battery level and carry the charger so that you will not miss anything in your adventures. Although you have the option to carry an extra battery, this is only advisable for those who have the patience to adjust the settings over again as the cam resets when the battery is replaced.

  • Design and Convenience

This action camera has a design that is optimized for the convenience of the user. That is because you can take it with you to your various action-packed adventures and not bother with it too much as it comes with a lot of accessories that pair well with a specific activity. You will never worry about losing this or letting it fall to the ground. However, there are design flaws with the battery compartment that is why you need to take extra care when opening and closing it.

  • Connectivity

This camera’s capability to connect to Wi-Fi is a great feature to look into since it converts your mobile device as a remote. Hence, you can operate the camera from a distance without hassles of carrying an extra accessory. In addition, connecting it to your computer to transfer files is also possible since it also has USB connectivity capabilities. What is better is that you no longer have to buy a cable. You just have to be patient at times since there will be moments wherein the device will be poorly recognized requiring you to disconnect and reconnect it.


We compared the Campark ACT74 action camera to the Yuntab action camera, and it was clear that the former holds a higher rank on our list.

  • Video Recording and Lens

Right off the bat, the Yuntab is only capable of recording videos in 1080P. Additionally, it only has a five-megapixel sensor which means that the picture’s quality isn’t that great. There is also a limit for video recording, which is a total of 29 minutes and 27 seconds. For sure, this limit is uncalled for because, again, one of the sole purposes of action cameras is to take videos. This limit just does not make any sense.

Further, it only has a 120-degree wide angle lens in comparison to its counterpart which has 170 degrees. Hence, the device cannot get the full background in its pictures as well.

  • Connectivity and Battery Capacity

It does not have Wi-Fi capabilities that help you access the device remotely from your mobile phone. At the same time, the battery power is almost next to nothing. It can only last for half an hour. This is really problematic because what is the point of using an action camera if it cannot keep up with your activities?

  • Hardware Design

Another thing to keep in mind is the design of the hardware. It seems like you are working on a puzzle when you replace the battery. The compartment door will not shut completely, and the battery is not fitted in place. This results in the device turning on and off.

The camera interface can also be hard to work with. You cannot take stills from a time-lapse when you are taking a video. This part right here is extremely annoying because almost all action cameras have this function.

  • Audio Quality

There is something within the system of Yuntab where even if you use an external microphone, it still sounds muffled and broken. This can be slightly corrected in post-processing, but only to some extent. Most audio files will surely damage your ear.

  • Software

Probably the biggest flaw of this action camera is its software. More often than not, the files cannot be read by your computer. What is worse is that the files can even be corrupted. Gone are your precious footage and no more visual memories of your adventure.

  • Colors

After listing con after con of the Yuntab action camera, there are still good points about it like the fact that it is available in three colors which are black, silver and blue, unlike the Campark one which is only available in two varieties.

Going back to the Campark Action Camera, it is definitely clear that it is the better camera because although it also has its disadvantages, at the end of the day, it can still do the job. On the part of the Yuntab action camera, it is as if you are paying for a defective camera that cannot even do the simple task of taking decent videos.


From the information given above, it is very evident that the Campark ACT74 is no GoPro or Sony action camera which should be expected since you are paying far less than the two leading brands. Nevertheless, if you are on a tight budget, this is still a good option since this camera can do what it is designed for—taking videos and capturing images.

This is also ideal for those who are just beginning to learn action camera functionalities as well as developing their videography and photography skills. Yes, it has flaws but such can be corrected and can be dealt with if you have enough patience.

On the other hand, if you are into extreme sports and activities, then, you should not opt for this since it will not be able to keep up. If such is the case, it will be better for you to save your money and go for the expensive and famous brands.


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