We are in a day and age where almost everyone is walking around with a camera in their pockets or bags. By that, we mean the phones which are built with cameras. However, even as the technology advances, a mobile camera can never be compared to a digital camera.

They both have very different settings which are evident in the pictures. One of the top digital cameras on the market today is the Canon PowerShot SX710, and that is what we will be reviewing today.

Without a doubt, when you hear or read the brand name Canon, you automatically have a high opinion about it. Amongst all of the camera brands out there, Canon is the most sought after and well-trusted brand. They are known to produce some of the best cameras and world’s leading high-quality camera lenses.

The Canon PowerShot SX710 is another fantastic product by this brand. It is fast, produces great pictures and has a ton of other features that make it an amazing choice. Be sure to read our detailed review of this camera below.


Key Features 

  • Comes with a 20.3 Megapixel Sensor CMOS
  • Has a built-in 30x optical zoom lens with an equivalent of 25mm-750mm
  • Capable of recording 1080p videos at 60p with stereo sound and a five-axis IS
  • Built-in optical image stabilization
  • ISO range is 80-3200
  • One-centimeter macro mode
  • Eight FPS high-speed burst
  • Three-inch screen with 922k dots
  • Zoom framing assist feature
  • Has a built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity


The Canon PowerShot SX710 is quite sturdy as it is built with metal. To provide ample grip on the hand, this camera has a finger grip made out of rubber on the front side of the body. This grip will ensure that you are holding the camera securely while using it.

There is a mode dial on the rear of this camera. There are a ton of options on this dial you can choose from. Additionally, there is also a record button on the camera for directly recording a video.

There is a button for wirelessly transferring files too. The four-way controller acts as a cursor. The device comes with a zoom control and a shutter release as well.

The on/off button is placed on top of the camera. At the bottom are the USB and HDMI slots protected with a plastic flap.

The zoom framing assist is a fantastic feature on this camera. What it does is when you use this button it will zoom out automatically in order to view a considerably larger angle of the view.

This helps the user in locating the moving objects with ease. Once you find the object you want to shoot, simply let go of the button, and the zoom will go back to its former position.

Optical Zoom

This Canon camera comes along with a 30x optical zoom feature and thanks to the tons of advanced features within this little device, all the images, and videos that are captured even at the 30x mark are crisp and clear, and moreover the camera’s intelligent IS factors in the zoom level in order to choose the method of stabilization.

ISO Performance

We got to check the ISO noise level performance on this camera, and we must say that the ISO on this camera is quite well controlled. It goes without saying that images that are clicked on an ISO setting between 80 and 400 had basically no noise in the images.

The noise, however, does increase as you increase the ISO level, and even at the highest level at the ISO, the images are good enough to share on your social media profiles.

Battery Life

This camera’s battery is capable of taking about 230 shots based on the Canon/CIPA test results. For higher number of shots, the camera has an ECO mode allowing up to 315 shots.

Wireless Connectivity:

In order to access files wirelessly, all you need to do is to download Canon’s Camera Window app on your mobile phone. This will allow your device to connect to the camera via Wi-Fi or the NFC.


  • Stunning and durable body
  • Comes with a 30x optical zoom
  • Has creative shot modes
  • The LCD screen is perfectly sized and very clear
  • Has zoom framing assist feature
  • Capable of recording 1080p videos at 60p
  • Comes with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  • Has a mobile app to wirelessly transfer images
  • Has a 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor


  • Cannot shoot video in RAW format
  • Lacks flexibility when it comes to shooting in creative modes
  • Lacks a touchscreen


To summarize, the Canon PowerShot SX710 is a fantastic camera that has a 20.3-megapixel CMOS sensor with a Digic 6 processor. It features a highly impressive 30x optical zoom as good as a DSLR but is small enough to even fit in your pocket.

The camera is made out of a sturdy material. It also has wireless connectivity, and a zoom framing assist feature.


We found it best to compare this camera with its predecessor, the Canon PowerShot SX700. The very first thing that will come to your attention is that the CMOS sensor is upgraded from 16 megapixels to 20 megapixels.

The highest ISO level on both these cameras remained the same. However, in the SX710, the lowest ISO level was further lowered from 100 to 80. The newer model is, in fact, sturdier than its predecessor.

Other than these, there are upgrades to the existing technologies which makes the Canon PowerShot SX710 a better choice between the two.


The Canon PowerShot SX710 is a remarkable camera. It satisfies all the needs you would want from a small camera. This camera is quite light in weight, and its size makes it ultra-portable to carry around or even have it in your pocket.

The other fantastic features in this camera are the 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor along with the 30x optical zoom which helps in capturing objects even at a distance with absolute clarity, and even at the furthest possible zoom level, the camera’s Intelligent IS ensures that the camera is stable at all times.

Another reason why we recommend this camera is because of its zoom framing assist ability which allows you to find and capture the object you want while maintaining the zoom level.

Canon has clearly taken suggestions from its customers and ensured that this camera is a fantastic upgrade over the previous one.

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