When I was growing up, I would constantly be begging my Dad to take pictures of me and let me use his camera. I know what you’re thinking, what kind of young boy enjoys photography, don’t they all just love video games and toy guns?

I mean photography may not be for everyone but what may have been boring and lame to a lot of my friends was my heaven as I thought of nothing better to do than take photos. I loved capturing moments, and then developing the photos as a young boy.

I loved seeing my friends and families reactions when they saw a great picture of themselves. This inspired my life long passion and eventually my full-time career.

I have always been in awe of professional photographers and videographers. These days, with Instagram and Facebook taking over, everyone seems to think they are a professional photographer. In fact, almost everyone I know has a “professional” camera in their pocket.

Smart phones have gotten to the point where they can take high definition pictures and video that does compete with some expensive cameras you can buy today. In fact, there has been entire feature films released in film festivals that have been shot on the iPhone 7. That is how good these smart phones are getting.

However, I am and forever will be, a firm believer in photography and buying well-made cameras because no matter how good a smart phone gets, it will never be able to truly compete with a high-end camera.

In order to get into photography, you of course need to buy a great camera. Whether you are a beginner or doing this for years, I hope to share with you my thoughts on a certain brand so that it can help your decision on what to spend money on.

One of the camera brands on the market today is the Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera. It has been made to offer you the best experience while you are out taking photos of your family, friends, and the beautiful world around you!


The Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera is made to give you the most features possible. The features include:

  • 16MP X-Trans CMOS II Sensor W/ EXR Processor II
  • New Auto Focus System – Single, Zone, Wide x AF-S, AF-C – 3D Tracking (Wide x AF-C) – Phase Detection + Contrast
  • 2.36M dot OLED Electronic VF – World’s shortest display lag time 0.005sec. – 0.62x Finder Magnification
  • New “X-T” Design – Compact Magnesium Body
  • Well balanced handing and grip
  • 3 Dials on Top and 2 Command Dials
  • Built-in Pop up Flash
  • Weighs just 13.4oz, designed to be compact
  • Capture every picture in crisp detail
  • Real-Time Viewfinder
  • Offers High Speed Continuous Shooting
  • Focus with just a touch of your finger on the screen
  • Can be used with X Mount Lenses
  • Advanced Filters to truly make your work pop


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Sharp, clear pictures and video
  • High-End
  • Made incredibly well
  • Fast processor
  • The best focus I’ve seen
  • Great for both beginners and advanced photographers
  • Customizable


  • Is more expensive than other brands


Before I get into my final verdict, I must give my biggest piece of advice to you. Any camera or camera equipment, at the end of the day, comes down to personal preference. Even though I may like some more than others, that is my own personal preference and yours may vary.

I always recommend that you go in person to a local store that has this certain camera for sale, or find a friend that has one, and test it for yourself before you buy it. Never buy a camera without having the experience of holding it in your hands

That being said, I do fully recommend the Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera to both beginner photographers and advanced photographers. I just think this is a really great camera.

For people without experience, it is simple enough to use. For people with a lot of experience, it has features to expand your creativity and make your photos flourish. It may be over $1000, but it is worth every penny.

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