If you are a person who loves the outdoors and going on adventures, then you know how wonderful and unique each place is.

Wherever you may go, you continue to be amazed by how each place has different wonders to offer and how each one is beautifully unique from the other. This is the reason why travelers often become photographers in their own way because they would like to capture the sights they see.

Doing so would let them relive the sights and beauty of the places they went to. As such, it is important that travelers have a camera that can provide them the best photos they want to capture while also providing them ease-of-use.

While bringing along your camera phone during your trips will let you capture photos and videos, there are still limitations to what they can provide you. For one, most smartphones are not that durable to take tumbles and falls in case it accidentally slips out of your hands.

As such, having a camera that is made for traveling and outdoor activities would be a better option since this can capture great photos while also making sure that they can take whatever rigors you are doing. In this article, we will discuss what you should look for in the best camera for travel photography.

What Should You Look for In the Best Camera for Travel Photography?

When looking for the best travel camera, you should know what you should look for to have the best one without having to spend way too much. Here are some tips that you should be aware of when looking for the best camera for travel photography.

Type of Camera

Before heading out and buying a camera, you should first decide what type of camera you would like. This will also be the first question that your salesman will ask you. Presently, there are four types of camera that you should consider:


Of all the four types of cameras, the DSLR is the heaviest and bulkiest. This type of camera great for capturing clear photos especially with higher grade lenses and accessories. A downside with DSLR cameras is that while they are able to capture high-quality resolution images, they tend to be bulky and hard to lug around especially if you are going to a place which needs you to be constantly on the move. Here are examples of DSLR cameras:


This type of camera is small, compact, and relatively cheaper than other camera types. Point-and-shoot cameras are great for taking quick snapshots since they can easily fit in your pocket. Here are examples of point-and-shoot cameras:


This type of camera is a mix between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR camera. Mirrorless cameras provide high-quality photos at a smaller body as compared to the standard DSLR. Here are examples of mirrorless cameras:


Action cameras are preferred by adventure-seekers who would like to capture photos and videos while they engage in various activities. This type of camera is small, durable, and waterproof.


The factor of portability should be greatly considered when purchasing a camera for travel photography especially if this is your first time to purchase one. If you are truly a dedicated photographer who can manage to carry around a bulky DSLR camera and can ensure that it will be protected while you are hiking or threading through waters, no one is stopping you.

However, if your main objective is to have fun on your trips while still managing to capture the moments and sights, you could opt for other camera types.

If you have a portable and compact camera which you can easily turn on, you are most likely to use it as compare to one which you have to set up first. This is why people who often go traveling choose from either action, mirrorless, or point-and-shoot cameras.

Image Quality

When looking for a camera that can provide high-quality photos, having one that has a higher megapixel does not necessarily mean that it is always better than others. A camera that has a good sensor and lens quality is what you should look for in a travel camera since it has the capacity to capture photos while you are on the move.

A camera that has a bigger sensor is a better option since it can capture a greater amount of light. A DSLR camera has a big sensor and good lens but can be quite bulky and hard to use while you are engaged in various outdoor activities.

While point-and-shoot cameras have truly stepped up in terms of image quality, they still have a relatively small sensor and only have a small lens. For people who want high-quality images, they opt for mirrorless or DSLR cameras.


If you are going to purchase a camera, it is important to know your purpose and how far are you going to work with your camera. There is no sense in buying a high-grade camera and splurging your money if you are not able to learn how to maximize them and their various settings.

While DSLR and mirrorless cameras have automatic modes, you would want to learn to explore their various settings to produce creative shots. There are simple tips and ways to uses your camera’s various settings posted all over the internet. By learning how to use your camera fully and effectively, you will be able to capture high-quality images of your travels.

By identifying these four factors and taking them into consideration, you will know which type of camera you are going to need for your travel photography. In finding one which you can effectively work well, you will surely capture great photos of your travels and adventures through your camera.

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