Your next trip is booked and you are excited about visiting a place you have never been before!

As you consider the different activities you will be doing with your family or friends, it hits you.

‘What will I take pictures with during my trip?’

If you are leaning towards relying on your cell phone to take pictures during your next trip, you shouldn’t.

Today, a travel camera is an affordable device that will give you functionality while capturing crystal clear images of the memories you will make!

With a little bit of practice using them, of course!

Let’s look at the reasons why you should invest in one in 2017!

Better Lighting

One of the reasons why you need a travel camera is because of the lighting features that they offer.

Ever taken pictures with your cell phone at night?

Chances are that even with your flash setting on automatic, you have still had to try taking pictures with the flash on or off.

Even in pictures where you need a flash, a cell phone’s functionality in this regard is very limited.

So much so that the image quality can be poor and blurry at best.

With a travel camera, you can change the sort of flash you are using. You can also make numerous adjustments to the flash settings on your device.

These include customizing the brightness of your flash or turning it off altogether.

With this sort of functionality, you are able to take pictures at all times of the day!

Learning when and how to use the flash function on your camera is part of what makes photography unique.

Capturing Movement

Sometimes on your travels, you will attend sporting events or see unique vehicles or other things that you want to take a picture of.

Some things are just meant for an action shot!

An exotic car driving through the streets of Italy. A football match between two of the top teams in the English Premier League. Wildlife exploring the wilderness freely during your hike.

Even things back home like your child’s sporting events or running around at a birthday party!

In order to capture detailed images of these moving objects, you need a camera with a fast lens and shutter rate.

Some travel cameras are designed with just this sort of thing in mind. They have high shutter rates and unique lenses. This will help you be sure you capture these special moments when things are moving quickly!

When you are relying on a cell phone to take these pictures, your phone’s shutter rate may not allow you to get a clear image in that moment.

But with a quality camera, you can be sure that you capturing these special moments when things are moving quickly!

Battery Life

A travel camera offers you longer battery life than your cell phone.

Your cell phone is used for many different purposes. This includes phone calls, text messages and browsing the internet. All of these things take up battery life.

In a foreign country and using a cafe’s WiFi? That eats up your battery life, too.

So does snapping pictures throughout the day on your cell phone!

If you’ve ever taken your cell phone with you on a trip, you’ve probably carried your charger too.

It can be a bit of a challenge trying to keep your phone alive for a full day when you are using it for all these things.

Finding a power outlet isn’t always easy. If you are traveling abroad, you may even need a special power outlet adapter. This adds to what you need to carry with you!

While you are wired to the wall, you are stuck in one place. Not exploring the city or the area where you are visiting!

Which is why you are there in the first place! You want to be out experiencing the sites and enjoying the culture that your destination has to offer.

Those are also where the best opportunities arise to take the pictures that you want.

Travel camera batteries can last much longer than cell phone batteries do. Sometimes upwards of more than 500 photographs or more!

Depending on the camera you choose, you may have a rechargeable battery or replacement batteries. When you can replace your batteries on the go, you don’t ever have to worry about charging your device.

This means more time to do the things you want on your trip! After all, those only so much you can experience wired to the wall of your hotel or a restaurant.

When you aren’t using your cell phone to take pictures, you are able to save the battery for other tasks, too.

You are also not taking up your cell phone’s storage capacity with hundreds of photos!

Macro Photography

If you appreciate capturing the finer details of the places you visit, a travel camera will help you do this!

Perhaps you are trying to take a picture of some wildlife that is best taken from quite a distance away.

After all, you want to stay safe and disturbing these animals may ruin the photo op!

If that’s the case, you will need to zoom in a bit and keep a safe distance.

The quality of your lens and camera will help you to zoom in on these things and capture crystal clear images!

If you are using a cell phone, zooming in from far away can result in fuzzy images that are poorer quality.

And who wants those?!?

Underwater Capability

If you are planning to snorkel or scuba dive on your trip, you’ve probably considered trying to capture some of those moments and wildlife while you are doing it.

While cell phones like Apple’s iPhone 7 are advertised as being water-resistant, they are not waterproof.

Regardless of what you have, cell phones and water should not mix.

If you’ve ever taken your cell phone into your service provider for a warranty issue after they’ve mixed, you’ve probably learned this the hard way!

Some travel cameras are designed just for underwater use. Other cameras are able to be put in underwater cases to protect them.

If you are doing a deeper diving expedition, lighting will be an issue.

These travel cameras will enable you to capture images in darker areas that your cell phone just simply couldn’t!

Compact Size

Years ago, the size of cameras was a concern for people.

This is because older cameras tended to be quite large and bulky!

This made for situations where it was inconvenient to pack them in your luggage or carry them with you to different places.

But things are different today!

Travel cameras are built to be compact in size while still offering great functionality.

This decrease in size also means that they are lightweight.

This makes them easy to carry around in a purse, bookbag and even in your coat pocket!

Long-Term Keepsakes

One of the best things about photography is that you are capturing a moment in time that you can look back on forever.

While there are some pictures we take just for fun, others are taken because we want to frame or use them as a decorative piece in our home or office.

After all, how many pictures have you taken on apps like Snapchat that you hope to frame and put on your wall?

With a good digital camera on your travels, you are able to capture higher quality images than you can with your cell phone.

Taking great pictures is a learned art and what is great to one person may be different to another.

But that’s part of what makes photography so much fun. You can make of it what you want and that is what matters the most!

With a travel camera and some practice, you can capture the sort of images that make for amazing keepsakes for you and your family.

You Need a Travel Camera

A travel camera will enable you to take better pictures than a cell phone but the reasons for buying one don’t stop there.

They are a compact device that is built with functionality in mind.

This means that they are able to take pictures of different people, places and things under many different conditions.

You can snap photos day or night and on land or in water.

And you are able to do it in a customizable way.

You can control things like the flash level, the resolution and sometimes even the sort of lens that you put on your camera.

They are also lightweight devices that will rival cell phones in size. Gone are the days of lugging around that camera everyone takes turns putting in their travel bags!

You also don’t have to break the bank to get a nice camera!

They can start below $100 but can be much more expensive, depending on what you want!

Do you have a go-to camera you use on your trips and other adventures?

Leave a comment below about why you have chosen it over all your other options!

Have safe travels and lots of fun and take lots of pictures along the way!

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