If you had to choose one place in the world to travel to right now, where would it be? The town you grew up in as a small child? A beautiful place, right on the ocean, to bask in the sun and swim? Or the opposite, a snowy mountain nestled by the fire, waiting to go skiing again?

No matter what you would like to do most, I always believe travelling is such a necessity. There is nothing quite like it. Instead of saving my money to buy possessions such as a new TV or a new sound system, I always save up my money for experiences.

I started this habit when I was younger and never looked back. I would work part time at my Dad’s factory and would put almost all of my pay cheque away in the bank to save money for the future.

My parents would ask me, what are you saving up for? A new video game system? My answer would always be one thing and one thing alone: I am saving up to go to Disney World for a full week. This is all I wanted to do.

I had seen all the Disney commercials and had researched, all the time, the different rides and experiences I could have at Disney. It was always on my heart that I wanted to go, and by the time I turned 16 I had enough money.

My parents had a lot of faith in me and allowed me to book a room on the Disney resort and let me go for a week. I had never been so happy in my life. I got to go on all the rides and it didn’t disappoint me for one second.

Before I left, my Dad gave me one thing: his new digital camera. He told me to take really good care of it, but him and my Mom wanted to see pictures of all my adventures.

When I was on my trip I took pictures of everything I could, to try and capture every moment in time. This is the power of photography, and the reason it became such a necessity to me in all my trips in life.

Even though my parents didn’t go with me, they felt they could experience my experiences through the power of my photos. They could see the joy in my eyes and rather than me describing it for them, they could see it with their own eyes.

Cameras are Needed for Travel

So since then, I have been under the firm belief that whenever I travel, I must take a travel camera with me. It has become definitely easier in the past few years as I have a fantastic camera in my pocket at all times: my iPhone.

My iPhone takes high definition photos and can categorize them all according to where I’ve been or where I’m going, and even though it is so convenient I always make it a point to bring a real travel camera with me.

I still find actual cameras still offer the quality that the iPhone just cannot do, and can provide incredibly artistic photos with various lenses and filters. I have always loved cameras.

Lightweight Cameras

When you are travelling, and bringing a travel camera with you, my one criteria for you in buying one is that it must be lightweight. There is nothing worse than being on a trip with just too many things.

I love exploring when I travel and go on a lot of walks to take in a new environment; this is why a lightweight travel camera is so important. The minute you have one that is too heavy, it will exhaust you and you will begin to not want to bring it out (trust me, that happened to me personally!)

My two favourite lightweight travel cameras are the Fujifilm X-T10 Silver Mirrorless Digital Camera and the Olympus Mark II Mirrorless Digital Camera. Both offer the ability to take high definition photos, are great for beginners and experienced photographers, but most of all they are lightweight.

Both of these cameras you can hardly feel in a backpack and this is what makes them perfect for travelling. I could not recommend them enough! I wish you all the best in your travels and take lots of pictures!

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