With a camera, beautiful scenery and the best moments in life can be captured. More people are becoming photography enthusiasts, and some have turned their hobby into a profession.

The camera has been decreasing in size over the past decades, and they have become easier to use and produce high-quality images, thanks to modern advances in technology.

There are a lot of cameras today; they come in different sizes, weights, and technical specifications. But for travelers, the best camera to have is a camera that’s lightweight and compact for more convenience and portability.

You don’t want to carry a bulky and heavy camera with huge lenses when you have other things to put inside your luggage, unless you are a professional photographer.

When it comes to buying the best travel camera, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, cameras have different features and there is no single set of specifications that make a camera the best. If the camera has a high resolution, it doesn’t mean that it is better than the others.

Second, there is no single camera that has all the features or can fulfill the four major criteria. Third, try it before buying so you know if it comfortably fits in your hands and is lightweight enough.

There are many digital travel cameras that you can choose from. But it would be a little overwhelming if you check out all of them, so, you can start here with a product review of one of the best sellers on the market today—the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Camera.


  • Features unique ultra-fast Lumix DFD focusing technology that instantly focuses the image and captures it
  • 250-400mm Leica DC lens which can be zoomed up to 16x
  • Maximum shutter speed is 1/16000 of a second, minimum aperture is f/11, and minimum focal length is 25 mm
  • 1 MP
  • Capture continuous images or video of 4K QFHD 30p with hybrid 8MP post capture
  • For great defocus control, the large 1” 20.1 MP MOS sensor is available
  • It has an LCD display with a 3” size. It can also be viewed on other display terminals through the integrated smartphone Wi-Fi
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery, de-A79B battery charger, lens hood, lens cap, USB connection cable, shoulder strap, and more
  • It also comes with limited 1-year warranty
  • It weighs 1.83 pounds, and measures 3.9” x 5.16” x 5.39”, making it great for traveling


  • Captures the best moments in life with its high resolution captured photos; records videos
  • Can capture even the moving objects because it has a fast shutter speed and Lumix DFD focusing technology
  • Because of the defocus control, the image at focus becomes more clearly visible than its background
  • 250-400 mm lens which is zoomable up to 16x
  • Lightweight and not so bulky in size so it is convenient to carry while on the go
  • Comes with complete package to make travel photography easy and complete. Some components that come with it are the rechargeable lithium ion battery, de-A79B battery charger, lens hood, shoulder strap, lens cap, and more
  • Great combination of built-in software, sensor, and lenses
  • Good hybrid camera
  • Comfortable, secure grip
  • Control layout is easy to understand and is not confusing
  • The captured image can be viewed on the 3” LCD display
  • The images and videos can be viewed and transferred to other gadgets
  • No need to worry when it malfunctions because it comes with a limited 1-year warranty
  • Durable and made of strong materials


  • May be big for a travel camera
  • Not a camera for low-light photography


If you are looking for a good travel camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Camera might be the one you are looking for. It has a great combination of technology, lens, and control that make photography convenient to capture high-resolution images.

However, some customers were not satisfied with its underperformance in low light settings. Others say that Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Camera is not that great for a travel camera because it is a bit bulkier compared to other travel cameras.

But considering all the features, such as Lumix DFD focusing technology, fast shutter speed, ultra-fast Lumix DFD focusing technology, the 250-400mm Leica DC lens, and more, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Camera is a great hybrid camera that can be brought on any trip.

For a reasonable price and a limited 1-year warranty, Panasonic understands the value of a dollar. That is why it has come up with this easy-to-use hybrid camera. No wonder many people are satisfied with its performance even though it comes with a few imperfections.

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