Cameras have been around since the 18th century. As technology progresses, cameras come with more advanced features and designs. They come in different sizes, weights, styles, and technical specifications.

If you are in the market to find a new camera, chances are that you are going cray crazy over the huge number of cameras to choose from. To jump start your selection, here are the types of cameras:

  • DSLRs – These are big, fancy cameras that capture images in very high resolution. They have a body and lens (usually interchangeable and come in different sizes). Usually, DSLRs are expensive
  • Point-and-shoot cameras – These are the smallest kinds of cameras that are solely intended for photography
  • Camera phones – These are becoming most popular because they are already built into cellular phones, and are compact and light. However, they have only the basic features of a camera
  • Action cameras – Action cameras are small and can be used for sports and adventure photography

When it comes to the best travel camera, the important features you need to examine are the lens, resolution, ergonomics, menu system, file transfer, and more. One of the best travel cameras today is the Ricoh GR II Digital Camera. It is a 4.5 star rated camera with a reasonable price.


  • Equipped with advanced GR Engine V imaging engine. This feature gives high-sensitivity shooting but with reduced noise resulting in high resolution, and bright images. These high-quality images are result from the anti-aliasing and filter-less design
  • It can also record high definition videos in 1080p resolution and h.264 compression at 30 frames per second
  • It has wide-angle lens and 16 MP APS-C size image sensor. These and other features are built into the small camera body
  • It has an autofocus system that is still active even when the camera focuses subjects in the middle of the view angle
  • The Ricoh GR II Digital Camera can instantly process raw images such as in-body raw data development to JPEG format output
  • The Ricoh GR II Digital Camera has a built-in wireless capability with mobile phones and tablets to easily transfer files from the camera to a mobile device
  • Great for travel photography because it weighs 0.6 pounds only and measures 4.6” by 2.5” by 1.4”
  • It comes with a lithium ion battery with 3.6 voltage and an 8.75-gram weight
  • Even without photography training, the Ricoh GR II Digital Camera will improve your shots and redefine your photography skills


  • Captures professional-grade images
  • Lightweight and compact camera that can be easily packed in your luggage
  • The Ricoh GR II Digital Camera has an ergonomically impressive built
  • The controls response instantly
  • Captured images and recorded videos can be conveniently transferred to mobile phones and tablets
  • The Ricoh GR II Digital Camera is built with computer-free image processing
  • Has advanced technology such as its autofocus system, advanced GR Engine V imaging engine, and more
  • Has a wide-angle lens
  • Improves your photography skills by the built-in features
  • Has a pretty good macro function
  • It is easy to use and the settings can be easily changed


  • It does not come with any components such as charger, strap, or lens cover
  • Has a fixed focal length


The Ricoh GR II Digital Camera is praised mainly because of its advanced features such as wide-angle lens, advanced GR Engine V imaging engine, macro function, computer-free image processing, anti-aliasing design, and more. All these features are equipped in a compact size travel camera.

Some users complain about few things. First, Ricoh GR II Digital Camera does not come with any components such as a battery charger, cover, straps, etc. However, it comes with a user’s manual to help with controls, usage, and troubleshooting.

Also, the Ricoh GR II Digital Camera has a fixed focal length which can be either challenging or liberating. With a fixed focal length, this camera becomes a less-than-stellar sole camera.

But other than the few drawbacks, users have been satisfied with Ricoh GR II Digital Camera’s features and advantages. They like its ergonomics and ease of use. It is small enough to carry on a trip; it is compact but loaded with features that capture high quality, crisp images and videos.

Overall, the Ricoh GR II Digital Camera is one of the best travel cameras today. It is a pretty good alternative to more sophisticated, more expensive, and heavier DSLRs. Plus, the Ricoh GR II Digital Camera can be also be used even when not on a trip as it is an all-around camera.

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