When you are traveling, you want a reliable camera that can take great pictures and video, but that’s also compact too!

Fortunately for today’s travelers and camera enthusiasts alike, cameras are being designed with functionality and portability in mind!

Let’s look at some of the best pocket cameras on the market in 2017!

If you shopping on a budget, Sony’s W800 is one of the best pocket cameras around at its price point.

Starting at just $88, you get Sony build quality in an affordable package!

This camera has a 20.1-mexapixel lens, which helps you capture high-quality images. 

Once you take your pictures, you can look them over on a 2.7-inch screen. You can also use it review the 720p HD video that you take with this device.

The camera is also lightweight and thin, weighing in at just .28 pounds! 

Its compact design makes it a great camera to take on your next vacation.

The Sony lens has a 5x optical zoom, which allows you to take clear images from a distance. And if you are trying to take pictures of moving objects, this device’s 1/1500th of a second shutter speed should do just fine!

Moving up the price point a little bit at around $160 is Panasonic’s LUMIX DMC-TS30R.

This camera is perfect for someone that wants to travel and likes to be a little adventurous too!

It can stand up to different temperatures and conditions.

It’s waterproof up to 26 feet and can handle temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit! 

It also takes pictures with a maximum of up to 16 megapixels and has a 4x optical zoom lens.

The outside shell of this camera is also built to last. This means you can be a little harder on it and it stands up well to heavy use over time!

It’s got 220 MB of memory that it comes built-in before you insert your memory card too!

Another affordable, super-compact option is Sony’s WX220.

It has earned its place on the list of best pocket cameras because of it super-sleek design and $198 price tag.

It has a 10x optical zoom feature and captures images with its 18.2-megapixel sensor.

And with WiFi technology, you can stay connected to family and friends to keep them updated on the latest adventure during your next trip!

It’s also got a 2.7-inch display screen and at just .87 inches thick and .27 pounds it’s a really easy camera to slip into your pocket and bring with you on your travels!

Panasonic’s LUMIX DMC-ZS60 is also another great option when it comes to the best pocket cameras. 

This point-and-shooter has 30x zoom lens will help you capture the things you want from a distance.

It’s also a forward-looking product, that comes complete with GPS capabilities, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and of course, WiFi!

This allows you to take pictures with your camera and send them to yourself, friends or family, over the internet nearly instantaneously.

You can also post photos to social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a matter of seconds.

Another unique feature on this camera is that it comes complete with a 3-inch screen and has an eye-level electronic viewfinder (EVF).

This allows you to switch the display function from your screen to the EVF when you place it near your eye!

All of this comes at a starting price of just under $450!


Canon has packed a lot of great features into their Powershot SX720 HS, making it one of the best pocket cameras around!

With a 20-megapixel resolution, you are able to take high-quality images. You can also scroll through them on the device’s 3-inch, Purecolor II viewing screen.

If you are planning to take pictures from afar, the camera’s 30x optical zoom lens should be more than enough.

This camera also allows you to take 1080p video with stereo sound, so you can capture great HD footage!

It also comes with WiFi and NFC technology, so you can take advantage of your internet access too. 

This camera can be had for $349, which is a competitive price for this sort of package!

If you want DSLR-type quality in a point-and-shoot camera, Canon’s PowerShot G7 X Mark II is the one for you!

At 1.4 pounds, it’s one of the best pocket cameras and can be had for $679!

This camera boasts 20.1 megapixels and a 4.2x optical zoom lens.

You can post these high-quality images straight to the internet with the camera’s built-in WiFi and NFC features.

Canon uses its Camera Connect app which shares compatibility with iOS and Android operating systems.

And if you want to take some video footage of special moments, you can do it in 1080p HD shot at 60 frames/second!


Do you enjoy a selfie ever now and then? 

There’s no need for a selfie stick with Panasonic’s Lumix TZ57!

This camera comes with a 180-degree tilting screen which helps you to capture pictures of you with your family and friends at locations across the globe!

It is ultra-compact, weighing in at just over half of a pound and 1.26 inches thick!

It also can take great pictures and from distances, too! It’s got a 16-mexapixel sensor and comes with a 20x optical zoom lens.

It’s also got WiFi capabilities, so you can send pictures through email, social media and cell phones with ease!

All this for under $300!

Another one of the best pocket cameras with a lot to offer is Fujifilm’s X70.

It too comes with a 180-degree tilting screen, enabling you to take selfies and have some fun doing it!

But selfies aside, this camera also packs a lot into a compact product.

With its unique 18.5 mm lens, you can capture shoot images up to 16.3-megapixels.

You can also shoot HD video in 1080p and watch it on the 3-inch, touchscreen display! 

This camera is the first one in the X-Series that offers this convenient touchscreen technology and costs $699!

Sony’s RX100 V is a technologically advanced camera that comes at a price (nearly $1,000)!

While it’s the most expensive camera on this list, it has features that help you to justify the cost.

Provided you are in the market for a camera at this price point, of course!

The RX100 V shoots 4K video and has the ability to shoot images at 24 feet per second. 

If you aren’t familiar with 4K video, is the ultra-high definition quality video that spans 4,000 pixels across the width of footage. 

For comparison purposes, your average 1080p screen uses approximately 1,920 pixels across the width of footage!

This high resolution and detail results in images that are virtually crystal clear!

Your video’s viewers watching on bigger screens will feel like they are experiencing what you are because of how vivid the imaging and colors are!

If you like to use a slow motion function with your videos, this camera has an impressive 40x slow motion feature.

It also has an Xtra Fine LCD display screen that can tilt up 180-degrees and down 45-degrees.

With a 20.1-mexapixel resolution and 2.9x zoom, you can capture some amazing images once you have had some practice with this device!

The Best Pocket Cameras

There is a wide range of options when it comes to camera choices in today’s market, but these are some of the best pocket cameras there are.

In a competitive market and with cutting-edge technology, there is also a wide range of prices too.

You can find pocket cameras across the range, but finding the best one for your needs is what matters.

Consider what matters most to you and what you will be using your camera for.

What sorts of trips do you see yourself taking and how will you be using your camera?

If you don’t take lots of pictures or are shopping on a budget, you may want one at a lower price point. 

But if you are on the more serious side and willing to spend a little bit more, you might want to consider cameras like the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II or the Sony RX100 V!

While some people veer away from digital cameras because of the convenience of a cell phone, these traditional devices offer far more than phones do.

Better lighting options, waterproofing, and higher shutter rates are just some of the ways that having a digital camera is valuable.

These lightweight devices are also built to last. They have hard covers and made of lightweight materials. This helps them to stand up to being in your pocket and on the road.

But while these cameras are durable, they are also reliable. 

In the end, they give you great bang for your buck. It will just be a matter of how many bucks you want to spend!

Do you have a compact device that is not on our list of best pocket cameras?

Let’s talk about your favorite portable digital camera in the comments section below!




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