“Go travel the world,” they say. “Capture the moments,” they added. And while it is true that we take photos during our travels to document our experiences, how much thought and planning do we put in deciding which camera to use? If you are not yet familiar with GoPro, you may also be wondering if using go pro as travel camera is worth it. Can you really rely on it? Let’s find out more about it!

With the rapid advancements in technology nowadays, there are so many options to choose from when talking about cameras. And with the hype in social media, people tend to always want to share pictures as often and as quick as possible—that’s just how it works these days. If your camera phone can do the job, why choose to use a GoPro then? And to those who have been used to the large traditional cameras, why would they leave it home and bring a GoPro instead? These are valid questions, so let’s have a rundown of the pros and cons.

The Good Stuff

They are rugged

Leaving for a beach holiday? GoPros will manage the downpours without breaking a sweat because there will be no issue with sand and water. They are built to work in places where most traditional cameras and mobile phones do not. If it falls down, it is less paralyzing than smartphones or professional cameras due to its housing.

They are small

Luggage space or going beyond carry-on limits will not be an issue as they can even fit in your pocket. Also, you won’t be asked by a security personnel for a gate pass for using a “professional camera.”


The ultra wide-angle fisheye view is what they are most famous about. It can create a good look that suits action shots, and it is excellent for big subjects. It is great for group portraits too as it can fit 6-8 people in an angle while also showing where you are.

Point and Shoot

 The automated settings work surprisingly good across a broad range of shooting which also includes the night modes and low light.

Sports and Adventures

 This is what GoProis actually made for and really manage to capture phenomenal footages using its video action camera, and this is where they truly excel.

Travel Selfies

 If you are a solo traveler, you often lack good pictures of yourself, and this is where it works best too. It’s convenient to take selfies, and you sure will get a good picture of yourself and the view while swimming, scuba diving, on a boat or on top of a mountain without having to ask someone to do it or without the need for a tripod.

Mounting Option

GoPro created an impressive array that makes a good camera, making it possible to be put everywhere with its mounting options. A mounting accessory will do the trick if you want to attach the GoPro somewhere.


 If you lose your GoPro, it will be just the camera and your photos. Losing your smartphone means losing your privacy. Your phone, your photos, your means of communication and your personal information will be gone and can be easily accessed by somebody else.

The Not-So-Good Stuff


GoPros are not as sensitive as they could be. In order to stop accidental shots, the shutter is spongy mechanically, and it pushes back if you try to press it. There is a lag problem, and they are quite slow. There is a chance of missing the shot if you are trying to take photos of a moving object although they do not matter match when shooting a video.

No Zoom

The narrower field of view mode will crop the image and not zoom the image. The lens is fixed, and there really is no way to zoom in.

Color Balance

The quality of the image is excellent for outdoor shots which are brightly lit, but color balance can be a little cold in other scenarios.


Accessing the control options like exposure, ISO setting, shutter speed, and exposure meter type can be tricky and a real pain compared to the typical cameras.

Battery Life

You might get a few hours use in ideal situations, but you will run out of battery most of the time even with conservative shooting.


Smartphones have the capability of sharing photos and videos easily and quickly. GoPros are not natively connected and sharing a photo directly and in real time will not be possible.

The Verdict

In conclusion, we can say that using Go Pro as travel camera is a good but not perfect option. It is a magnificent choice for non-professional travels but not when creating photos for agencies, editors or clients which require a different level of quality and high technical specs that GoPros do not meet.

In order to document your once in a lifetime travels with less to no issues, you would want to prepare for its battery life because most of the time, you will be outside your hotel room enjoying the outdoors. You can either bring spare batteries or have an external battery pack to charge the camera on the go. You should also plan ahead for backing up your photos because it’s easy to fill up the memory although you can always have spare memory cards on the go.

In addition, you have to make sure the lens is not foggy in order to not degrade the quality of the photos. You also have to get close to the subject in order to get a wide-angle perspective.

Taking GoPro photos also takes a bit of luck. You can get exceptional results if lighting happens to be in your favor. As long as you play its strengths and work on its limitations, you will definitely end up with the best travel photos. It is specially made for anything adventure-y like extreme sports, beach holidays, and anything involving water.

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